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The Guardian 3D Night Light

  • $25.00
  • Product Code: M00001116
  • Availability: In Stock

Make unique, beautiful and personal gifts that will razzle and dazzle

There's no better way to show you care than a wonderful handmade gift. Our short projects combine everything you love about diamond art (the sparkles!) with a collection of different every day objects.

Done in a fraction of the time

Not everybody has the time to fully commit and invest into a full diamond painting kit canvas project. Many of our Short Projects can be done in one or several sittings. They're short bursts of fun to feed your creative mind without testing your patience!

Product FAQS:

Q. Can this product be plugged into an outlet?
A. Yes, the product comes with a micro USB wire without an adaptor. It can also run on 3 AA batteries.

Q. What is the size?
A. 8.8x3.8x15cm (3.5x1.5x6 in). The Designed part is only 0.4cm thick!

Q. How do I switch it on?
A. There is an on/off switch on the black platform stand.

Q. Can my kids do this?
A. Yes! This activity can be done by children ages 5 and up.

Got more questions? Check out our General FAQ here.

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